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1.  At what age can I take driver education?                                     

You can take driver education 15 years old but can not get permit until 15 1/2.

2.  Does my teen have to take driver education to get a permit?

If teen wants to get permit at 15 1/2 they have to take driver education.  Otherwise they have to wait until 16.

3.  When are the class times?

During the school year we offer classes every week.  The classes start on Mondays at 5:30 PM and last for four evenings.  During school breaks and summer classes start on Monday at 8:30 and last for three mornings.  Elk City classes are on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

4.  When do I schedule my drive times?

During the last day of class we schedule the drive times at the students convenience.  The drive times are in 2 hour at a time on 3 separate days.  Drive times are available 7 days a week.

5.  Do I need to practice on my own?

Yes, just like any skill 6 hours will not make you proficient.  You should get as much practice as possible to master the skills.  I recommend the parents let their teen drive as much as possible.  If they go to a larger city let the teen drive.  It is better for them to get this experience with an adult in the vehicle than be on their own.

6.  Do I get an insurance reduction for taking driver education?

Most insurance companies give a discount if they are state certified.  Check with your insurance company.

7.  What will I need to take the written test?

You will need two forms of identification.  Primary (state issued birth certificate no photo copy or passport).  Secondary (social security card, military ID, parent affidavit).  They will have to have social security card or number.  School letters if they are under the age of 18.

8.  What is the Graduated Driver License?

The Graduated license is a three step licensing system for teens under 18.  You start with a learners permit and spend 6 months on that.  After passing the drive test you go to an intermediate license and spend 6 months on that if you have taken driver education 1 year without driver education.  Intermediate license restricts drive times from 5am to 10pm unless related to school, church or work and any time when a licensed driver over 21 is with them.  It also restricts the amount of friends they can have in the car.  They can have 1 friend, any number of family that live in the home, or any number if a licensed driver over 21 is with them.  Unrestricted license does not restrict the hours or number of passengers.

9.  How do I get off the intermediate license?

After spending 6 months with driver education or 1 year without driver education.  Go to the tag office and get G restriction removed  if you have no traffic violations on driving record.  If you do not have restriction removed you can be ticketed if driving after hours or with multiple passengers.

10.  What happens if I get a ticket while on a learners permit?

If you get a traffic violation on your driving record while on a learners permit, you stay on a learners permit for another 6 months after conviction.  If you get a traffic violation on driving record while on an intermediate license, you stay on an intermediate license for another 6 months after conviction.

11.  I understand I can do my actual driving test to get my license with Avant Driving School.  How does this work?

We do have an optional testing service available at the cost of $40 (paid at time of service).  When you are eligible to the road exam to get your license you may call us in advance to set up an appointment (please have your permit in hand and social security # avaliable).  I will also need a signed paren affidavit, you can download and print from the forms section.  I schedule the appointment and pick-up a hour before the scheduled time and practice in the vehicle they are going to test in.  Altus office only.